Tuesday, November 13, 2007

MRF Leaders Report

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Congressmen Filner, Kirk, Kuhl, Wamp and Walberg to attend MRF press conference

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation would like to announce that several members of the United States Congress will be attending our scheduled press conference in Washington on November 15.

The following congressman have committed to attending:

Congressman Bob Filner (CA-51st) Chairman, House Committee on Veterans Affairs

Congressman Mark Kirk (IL-10th) Committee on Appropriations

Congressman Randy Kuhl (NY-29th) Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

Congressman Tim Walberg (MI-7th) Committee on Education and Labor

Congressman Zack Wamp (TN-3rd) Committee on Appropriations

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is extremely pleased to have this distinguished group of statesmen join us in discussing with the nation's press the shortcomings of the National Transportation Safety Board's (NTSB) recommendations on motorcycle safety of September 11, 2007.

The press conference will be held on the United States Capitol grounds in Washington DC. The exact location is the Cannon House Office Building, Room 121. Starting time is 9:15 am EST.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation will also be discussing our efforts to seek congressional support to stop the NTSB from using taxpayer dollars to pressure states into enacting mandatory helmet laws. In addition we will be announcing to the press that we will be presenting a formal letter to the NTSB asking them to reconsider their recommendations that states enact mandatory helmet laws for motorcycle riders.

Many State Motorcyclist Rights Organization members are in Washington this week to lobby their own congressional delegations, in addition to attending the conference.

All motorcyclists are invited to attend this event. In addition the MRF is extending an invitation to all concerned Americans.

Michael Kerr

MRF Vice President

Monday, November 12, 2007

New Helmet Ticket Resources

These folks are taking the fight to the streets and are actively soliciting folks to fight all helmet tickets. Under North Carolina's new helmet law, all lids must meet FMVSS 218 and the first shot has been fired as you will see below.

To learn more visit

Special Deputy Attorney General
Motor Vehicles SectionNC Attorneys General Office

I was referred to the Motor Vehicles Section of the Attorneys General Office by Mikael Gross, Staff Attorney, Legislative Drafting Division for the NC Legislature.

I am a citizen and taxpayer, so it was disconcerting that, when I called this afternoon, two public servants in your office did not have the courtesy of providing their last names for the record, Michelle, and then Jeanette, who stated that they are not allowed to interpret statutes for the general public due to conflict of interest, since your office represents the DMV.

I asked to speak with anyone who is willing to provide their last name. Eventually, I was able to obtain your name and email address. I hope that you will not be as hostile, and instead, consider that it is extremely important for citizens to understand the laws which govern them.

It is my belief that, by making and enforcing the mandatory universal motorcycle helmet requirement associated with GS 20-140.4, both current and effective January 1, 2008, the State is not mindful of the constitutional requirement of the citizens right to due process. I have contacted many NC officials. So far, all officials have been unable to provide me with a satisfactory answer to the following questions:1. How can consumers and motorcycle operators ensure their helmets comply with FMVSS 218, which is a manufacturers self-certifying standard? 2. How will the statute be enforced without the use of subjective personal approval methods?

I hereby respectfully request written answers to my questions, including an opinion which either confirms or refutes my researched belief that the legislation is unconstitutional due to vagueness, based on such arguments as presented below, in communications with Mikael Gross, (see below). I intend to obey the laws of the State. You intend to enforce the laws. As such, I suspect you either know how you intend to enforce the statute, or you may also experience similar difficulty. If the GS 20-140.4 statute effective January 1, 2008 is written in such language that it cannot be understood without interpretation by the Honorable Judiciary, any refusal to tell citizens how the law will be enforced, speaks for itself, so please either honor this request or forward it to Attorney General Roy Cooper. I will need your response in a hard copy letter.

I have obtained access to a fax machine for incoming communications, in care of the offices of Full Throttle Magazine of the Carolinas, circulation between 30,000 to 40,000 motorcycle operators. Some motorcyclists are asking questions despite lack of notice by the State to make citizens aware of the pending modifications. If you require that I send my questions to you by US Postal Service in order to get a hard copy letter in response from you, please send me your mailing address. If not, please send a hard copy response to the address below.Sincerely,Janice MacKay1009 Lightfoot CtWake Forest, NC 27587

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Opponents of "Freedom of Choice"

Got Freedom? Not if these folks can help it!
Below are insurance companies and organizations that oppose freedom of choice for adult motorcyclists. Is YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY on this list? Any organizations you belong to?
If so, make your voice heard. Change insurance companies and tell the old one exactly why you are changing.

Taken from: Traffic Safety Facts; Laws; Motorcycle Helmet Use Laws April 2004
Who Supports Universal Motorcycle Helmet Laws?
• Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
• Allstate Insurance Company
• American Academy of Family Physicians
• American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons • American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials • American Academy of Pediatrics • American Coalition for Traffic Safety, Inc.
• American College of Emergency Physicians • American College of Preventive Medicine • American College of Surgeons • American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association • American Insurance Association • American Medical Association • American Nurses Association • American Public Health Association • American Trauma Society • Association of Women"s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nurses • Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine • Brain Injury Association • Center for Rural Emergency Medicine • Emergency Nurses Association • Emergency Nurses CARE • Epilepsy Foundation of America • GEICO • General Federation of Women"s Clubs • Indian Health Service • Motorcycle Industry Council • National Association of County and City Health Officials • National Association of Orthopedic Nurses • National Association of Public Hospitals • National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians • National Association of State EMS Directors • National Association of State Head Injury Administrators • National Center for Injury Prevention and Control • National Conference of Black Mayors • National Flight Nurses Association • National Safety Council • National Sheriffs Association • Nationwide Insurance • Native American Injury Prevention Coalition • Prudential Insurance • State and Territorial Injury Prevention Directors Association • Students Against Destructive Decisions • State Farm Insurance • Think First Foundation • Wellness Councils of America