Tuesday, September 25, 2007

CMT/ABATE Wins Awards at Meeting of the Minds


Tennessee Motorcyclist’s Rights Group Wins Legislative Awards
Honored by Motorcycle Riders Foundation and American Motorcyclists Association

CMT/ABATE, Tennessee’s State Motorcyclist’s Rights Organization was honored by the MRF (Motorcycle Riders Foundation) and the AMA (American Motorcyclists Association) at the recent MRF Meeting of the Minds in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The MRF presented a “State Legislative Award” to CMT/ABATE’s Legislative Director, Mike Hays, for the organization’s work in protecting the rights of parents to determine the age at which a child is allowed to ride as a passenger on motorcycles. This was the second year in succession that Tennessee legislators brought bills to restrict children under a certain age from being a passenger on a motorcycle and the second year these bills have died even before a committee hearing.

The AMA recognized CMT/ABATE for it’s initiation of and success in getting right of way violation legislation (HR 1335 and SB794) passed by the Tennessee General Assembly. These bills were signed into law and became affective July 1, 2007 and increase the penalties for drivers who violate another’s right of way and cause serious injury or death in a collision. Tennessee law now calls for substantially higher financial penalties and up to a one year loss of license for violators. The bill was consistent with the AMA’s “Justice for All” campaign.

CMT/ABATE, Inc. is a non-profit, political organization that was formed to preserve freedom and safety for all Tennesseans who enjoy motorcycling. Our major goals are to modify existing laws that are detrimental to motorcycle safety and enjoyment, and to enact new legislation in support of all motorcyclists who ride in Tennessee. If you are concerned about preserving personal freedom and motorcycle safety,

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