Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NC Helmet Law

Since there is no list of DOT approved helmets, challenging the NC law if it passes should get even easier.

MOTORCYCLE SAFETY Senate takes new crack at helmet lawAssociated Press
RALEIGH --Motorcyclists would be required to wear safety helmets that meet federal standards under a bill narrowly approved Tuesday by the N.C. Senate.State law requires riders to wear a helmet type approved by the Division of Motor Vehicles commissioner. But the law means some riders have little protection for their heads, said Sen. Ed Jones, D-Halifax."Right now, you can put anything on your head and call it a helmet," he said. Jones offered an amendment to the highway and traffic bill that would require helmets meet standards established by the U.S. Department of Transportation."Your motorcycle riders are not going to love you if you pass this amendment," Sen. Don East, R-Surry, warned colleagues before the provision was approved 27-22 on the Senate floor.The full bill passed also was approved 27-22. It returns to the full House, where members will decide whether to accept Senate changes.

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