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Freedom in Tennessee - The ”Power of 5”

Freedom in Tennessee - The ”Power of 5”

If you are serious about seeing the Tennessee Helmet law changed so adults 21& over can choose whether to wear a helmet, take 5 minutes and read this.

How do we win our freedom of choice? FIVE at a time. It’s simple, for each one of you reading this, I’m asking you to call your representative and then ask 5 of your friends to call their representative and 5 of their friends and then ask 5 of their friends etc…and pretty soon, thousands of folks are involved in the grassroots campaign that is necessary for “Freedom in Tennessee”. 5X5X5X5X5 = 3,750 SO, if all of those people call 5 more....just think what CAN Happen! I can assure you it WILL NOT HAPPEN, if you do not get involved. Make the calls today and again in January as the session in Nashville resumes. Plan to come to the CMT/ABATE Lobby Day in early February.

The Tennessee Senate passed the current helmet bill to allow adults 21 and over the right to choose. The bill is currently in the House Finance Committee to be heard by the Budget Subcommittee when they return in January of 2008. Below are the committee members who have NOT agreed to vote in favor of HB1283. These folks work for you! Call their local office number or their Nashville office and ask that they support and Co-Sponsor HB 1283. This month we’ll cover the budget subcommittee members.

Speaker Jimmy Naifeh – Covington 901 476-9593 or 615
Lois DeBerry – Memphis - Speaker ProTem 901 743-1133 or 615 741-3830
Craig Fitzhugh – Chairman (Finance) Ripley 731 772-8978 or 716 741-2134
Harry Tindell – Chairman of (Budget) Knoxville 865 524-7200 or 615 741-2031
Joe Armstrong – Knoxville 865 532-6374 or 615 741-0768
Gary Odom – Nashville 615 356-5096 or 615 741-4110
Doug Overbey – Maryville 865 681-8236 or 615 741-0981
Johnny Shaw – Bolivar 731 658-8925 or 615 741-4538
Dennis Roach – Rutledge 865 828-4356 or 615 741-2534

The following should be urged to continue their strong support of freedom and HB1283.
Steve McDaniels – Parkers Crossroads 731 968-7883 or 615 741-0750 (Co-Sponsor)
Michael Harrison – Rogersville 615 741-7480 (Co-Sponsor)
Randy Rinks – Pickwick Dam – 731 925-3985 or 615 741-2007

The best discussion you can have with your representative is face to face. Call and make an appointment to see them in your district. Let them know that you are in favor of HB 1283 and that you would appreciate their support. This issue is not about helmets, it is about a law mandating a device that MAY prevent head injuries but MAY break your neck or cause further neck injuries, a device that is NOT warranted by the manufacturer to protect the wearer and a device that MAY actually be contributing to a number of crashes due to reduced visibility and hearing. Adults should have the freedom to choose!

Available via email: White Paper – Declining Injury Trends Request from
This is a good handout to your legislators and most have seen it before.

Next month we will focus on the balance of the Finance Committee and those who have yet to commit to supporting HB 1283. I or other members of CMT/ABATE are available to speak with groups and at events and welcome the opportunity. Call 615 469-2567 or write Mike Hays
Look up bills and all legislators contact information at

Don’t miss the Southern Thunder Rally, Aug 24-26 in Adams, TN
Join CMT/ABATE on-line at

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