Monday, June 4, 2007

Legislative Update

The Tennessee General Assembly is getting ready to wrap for the year and Tennessee’s helmet law modification bill (HB1283/SB1511) is going to be rolled into 2008. IN Tennessee the session is two years so we will go back in January with all of our progress intact. The bill has passed the Senate and has passed the House Transportation Committee. The heat from those who oppose “freedom” has been more vociferous in all the states and Tennessee has been no different. The NCSL, Advocates, AAA and the entire Tennessee medical community have worked hard to stop our progress and will certainly continue in 2008.

When we launched the House bill, Dr. Joey Hensley, representative from Hohenwald, TN, lifetime rider and CMT/ABATE member was the prime sponsor. Two weeks ago Dr. Hensley decided that there was entirely too much emphasis on the helmet and no attention paid to reducing the crashes. He withdrew as the prime sponsor and long time supporter Representative Curry Todd of Collierville took the lead. Rep. Todd has a distinguished background having served in the legislature since 1998 and serving in other capacities since 1976. Rep. Todd’s career was in law enforcement. Dr. Hensley has challenged the medical community to join with the motorcycling community to address the issues which will lead to safer riding.

Over the next 7 months I will be traveling to districts in the state where we need to have additional support from the biker community. It will take a concentrated effort of all CMT/ABATE members as well as all bikers who are committed to gaining freedom of choice for Tennessee. Thunder Roads magazine has offered their support and will be encouraging all to get active.

SB794/HB1335, our Right of Way violations bill has passed the Senate and will be heard in the House next week. Call your House representative and ask them to support HB1335. You can look up your legislators at

MAKE THE CALLS!!!! Let’s see this bill passed!

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