Friday, June 8, 2007

I am proud to announce that HB1335 (Right of Way Violations) passed the Tennessee House today by a margin of 93-3. State Representative Rob Briley did a fine job of carrying the bill to success in the House while Senator Tim Burchett carried the companion Senate bill, SB794, to success.

The bill will go to the Governor after the Senate signs off on a minor amendment that removes unnecessary language that was left in by mistake. Representative Briley will ask the Governor to schedule a ceremonial bill signing event at his earliest convenience.

Thanks to all who called or wrote their legislators. Your support and involvement helped make this bill successful.

It will be up to the motorcyclists of Tennessee to educate those who will enforce and prosecute under this new law. Talking with your local police, prosecutors and judges is the best way to make sure the authorities use the new law where applicable.

Thanks again for your support, WE got it done!

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